Customer Testimonials

“The contractor checked for safety and found two problems that needed to be fixed right away — I’m really glad we did.”
Wendy Wenner, Dean for the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies
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Olwen Urquhart and Michael Scantleberry“Before the audit we thought we had to replace all our windows, not so. The audit saved us thousands of dollars!”
Olwen Urquhart, GVSU TRAT Project Manager & Michael Scantleberry, Associate Professor, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Managemen
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Donijo Robbins DeJonge“We’re always trying to be more cost efficient–this will help us get there.”
Donijo Robbins DeJonge, Professor, School of Public, Nonprofit, and Health Administration
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Michelle Burke“Beyond making our home more comfortable, the suggested improvements will lead to better air circulation, which is important for my family’s health.”
Michelle Burke, Director of Student Life
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Wendy Burns-Ardolino“This is a great first step toward a more efficient and more comfortable house.”
Wendy Burns-Ardolino, Chair, Liberal Studies Department
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Mark Schaub“Already we’re enjoying the savings from the visit: our energy costs have gone down THIS MONTH.”
Mark Schaub, Executive Director, Padnos International Center
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Justin Pettibone“The financial incentives allowed us to make improvements now that were otherwise four to five years down the line. I recommend the home assessment without hesitation.”
Justin Pettibone, Affiliate Professor, Liberal Studies
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Tom Bulten“I urge every Oakdale neighbor to take advantage of this one-time only opportunity. You could save hundreds on your utility bills!”
Tom Bulten, Oakdale Resident,

Edith Reed“This program is worth it! I was able to afford the improvements that needed to be done to save money, and my utility bills have gone down, my house is less drafty, and we’re more comfortable.”
Edith Reed, Oakdale Resident

Barry and Teresa Dutmer“I believe that this process saved our lives. We were shown how our old furnace was putting out enough carbon monoxide to eventually kill us. We are very thankful to Greg and Josh from WMEAC. When the blower test was being done, there was so much air moving through our house, my hair was actually moving with the wind! Our house had a lot of holes that needed to be filled, repaired and caulked. We will be saving a lot on our home heating and cooling bills now thanks to Better Buildings and WMEAC.”
Barry & Teresa Dutmer, Riverside Residents

Cathy Mueller“The energy audit was an excellent investment. It revealed information about my 40+-year-old home which I have often wondered. Besides fixing leaks from utility entrances into the foundation and installing CFL light bulbs, the team also determined the source of an unusual roof leak that has plagued my home for several years. I hope to enjoy the insulation work from Masco for years to come.”
Cathy Mueller, Riverside Resident

John and Brenda VanTholen“We took advantage of the opportunity to have our home assessed for energy efficiency, and the contractor, WellHome, was very prompt and professional. They spent about three hours assessing our home, installing insulation around the perimeter of our basement and water conservation devices, and they did a blower [door] test on to measure air infiltration. With the improvements they made in the short time they were here, they were able to reduce air infiltration by more than 10%.”
John & Brenda VanTholen, Riverside Resident

Lee H.“There are certain basic things homeowners can do to make their house more energy efficient. The home energy audit takes this project to a whole new level: the instruments employed can measure the efficiency of the house, pinpoint hidden sources of air infiltration, and set up a prioritized list of improvements. I found the audit technicians to be both friendly and helpful, ready to explain their procedures and the reasons behind their recommendations. Without their help, I’d still be basing my home energy improvements on a lot of guesswork.”
Lee H., Eastown Resident


BetterBuildings for Michigan uses a community approach to deliver energy efficiency improvements for homes and businesses by providing access to incentives and affordable loans. The program is supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and developed by the Michigan Energy Office; Michigan Saves; the City of Grand Rapids; the Economic Development Corporation of the City of Detroit; and the Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office.